ScallyWag Shih Tzu is small in home hobby breeder of the Imperial Shih Tzu and Chinese Imperial Dog located in Utah. It is our goal to produce quality, tiny puppies with awesome temperaments and health to make perfect companions for loving pet owners. ScallyWag Shih Tzu  has produced puppies anywhere from 3-9lbs at maturity, but most of our babies mature in the 4-6lb size. Our tiny Imperial puppies are not "runts" as some standard Shih Tzu breeders would like you to believe, we do not sell the occasional tiny puppy as a Chinese Imperial.  We consistently get "Imperial" sized puppies in every litter and they are plump and healthy just like the standard Shih Tzu puppies. Even though we do get puppies that mature at under 4lbs, we do not try and breed for them. We will not place a Teacup sized puppy that small in a new home unless is passes a thorough exam by a veterinarian, and requires no "special" care other than slightly more frequent feedings and an occasional bit of nutri-cal for the first few weeks the puppy is home (teacup size puppies of any breed also usually require the same care, Yorkies, Poodles, Maltese, Chihuahua's, etc). Teacup Shih Tzu that mature at under 4lbs are fairly rare, and we personally have seen very few that tiny available from breeders that actually look healthy so buyer beware.

    Our Imperial Shih Tzu come in many different colors, but our favorite colors are Chocolate and black in both solid and parti colors. Since we are a small breeder we only have a couple of litters available each year, all our miniature Shih Tzu Puppies are "kitchen raised" and handled daily by our 4 children.  Our adults and puppies are groomed frequently at a very early age and will be accustomed to having their toenails trimmed, ears cleaned, and having their coat brushed and trimmed which will make it a lot easier for you to properly groom your new Chinese Imperial puppy when it comes home to you! We have also been very successful with potty training our tiny puppies to use wee wee pads which makes house breaking a lot easier!

We have had many compliments from visitors on how well socialized, friendly, beautiful, and happy our Miniature Shih Tzu are. All our fur-babies are sold with a written 1 year genetic health guarantee, microchip (upon request), current vaccines, de-worming, vet check-up, and a lifetime of support! Contact Us for more info. or if you are interested in a beautiful Chinese Imperial Dog! All of our adult Chinese Imperials are registered with the AKC. 

    Our goal is to provide loving families with a wonderful companion to spoil and love, not to sell puppies to other breeders. Pet Shih Tzu puppies are sold with limited AKC registration only released after proof of spay/neuter is provided and we do require a spay/neuter contract. Rarely are our puppies sold with "breeding rights" but we will consider it on a case by case basis and have strict re-homing requirements that must be adhered to. Also, we do not support public slander, humiliation, or attempts to discredit other breeders under any circumstance and will not affiliate ourselves with these types of people.

Still interested in one of our adorable puppies? Check out our tiny Imperial Shih Tzu puppies for sale to approved homes only! References from previous puppy buyers available :) We have placed puppies in loving pet homes located in Utah, New Jersey, California, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Illinois, and even Canada. We will personally hand deliver your Shih Tzu puppy to you for the cost of the airfare only, as we would love to meet as many of our puppies new parents as possible and flying in cabin with one of us is that safest way to get your puppy to you. We also have a wonderful Puppy Nanny who is available to hand deliver your puppy so they won't have to be shipped as cargo!

"Domino", Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu
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